Decorating Themed Cakes

Are you planning on baking a cake for a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary or graduation? Giving it a theme will add the personal touch that’s sure to be appreciated by the recipient. Themed cakes can be as easy to make as they are fun!  You can create one with some basic design tips.

Select your theme: Obviously, you’ll want to think about who you’re building your cake for. What is the child’s favorite sport or hobby? How does the couple like to spend their time together? What extra-curricular did the graduate succeed in? Think about how you can incorporate these themes into your cake.

Determine the size: Find out how many guests the cake will be serving. This will help you determine how much room for detail you have in your design.

Pick your shape: Be creative when choosing the shape of your cake. If the graduate enjoys riding horses, you don’t need to create a horse-shaped cake; something related but simpler, such as a horseshoe will do. Round cakes are the easiest to bake and decorate.

Choose toppers: Cake Connection offers plenty of cake decorating supplies to incorporate into your creation. Add the right toppers and picks to complete your creation!

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