Edible Images

Edible images... frosting photo's... picture sheets... whatever you call them - we've got them!

Edible images are printouts on a frosting sheet that use a specially formulated food color as ink ran through a special printer.  These are placed on the freshly iced cake... and you're done!  When you're ready to cut the cake, you cut right thru the image also and it is eaten as you would any other icing decoration.

You provide the photo... we'll print it for you!

(*Please note - we have several stock photo's on file you are welcome to use, but we are not able look up images online for you.)

If you have a photo you want printed, the best quality comes from a digital file.  You are welcome to email it ahead of time, or bring in a jump drive with files to print.  We can scan and print, but please realize every time a photo is scanned and printed, the quality declines.

While we always appreciate advance notice (even emailing it a couple hours before you come in is helpful!) - we will do our best to print while you wait.  If you need photo editing, or other time consuming items done, this will generally require you to come back to pick it up at a later time - usually same day as long as you are here before 4pm... but this depends on how busy we are. A 24 hour advance notice is always best!



Full page (7.5" x 10") - $ 10.
Half page (5" x 7") - $ 6.

If there is extensive editing needed, there may be an additional fee - but we would always advise that when you order.

*Please remember that a digital (emailed or on a jump drive) photo turns out MUCH better than if you print it and have us scan it and reprint it.  Every time an image is printed & scanned, it looses clarity on the next reprint.

To order an image, please email the following information:

  • photo - large and clear photo's work best (anything over 600x600 pixels generally works well)
  • please be sure it is not a .png photo file as these have black around them when we insert them into our software (they will look perfectly fine on your screen, just not once we try to print them.)
  • size needed
  • date/time needed
  • writing needed (if any)
  • your contact information (name/phone) just in case we have questions.

Send orders to:  info@cakeconnection.com with EDIBLE IMAGE ORDER in the subject line.



We do ship edible images via US Priority Mail, weather permitting.  (We prefer to ship them on a Monday or Tuesday whenever possible so they aren't sitting in a truck or warehouse over the weekend.)  Click HERE for online ordering.

 While not necessary, we greatly appreciate it if you can give at least 24 hours notice.