PME Plunger Cutter – Daisy 1-1/2″


  • These cutters are ideal for use with a range of edible and non-edible materials including rolled fondant, gumpaste, etc. as well as craft clays.
  • Create beautiful simple to produce flowers.


  1. Roll out the paste on a non-stick surface or using corn flour/icing sugar for dusting
  2. Cut out the flower without pressing the plunger
  3. Press the plunger once more to eject the flower.


  1. To obtain a finer finish, use a ball tool to soften the edge of the petals.
  2. The flowers can be used immediately, or to create added interest, place into a small cupped shape to dry.
  3. Complete the flowers using single or multiple layers.
  4. To create a simple flower center, roll the paste into a button shape and texture using a piece of net or tulle
  5. Wired flowers–Wire can be inserted into a molded center and allowed to dry before threading on the petals. Shape the petals as required.